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transformational YOGA RETREAT

Image of beach and ocean in Corfu, Greece

Turn Back Time

With Anti-AgeiNG

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Yoga & Guided Meditations

An exclusive 3 day transformational retreat where you will learn the anti-ageing secrets of Kaya Kalpa yoga, and discover your unique soul purpose, as well as how to create your happiest Self, through guided meditations and etheric energy exercises.

Casa Lucia is located on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. The St. Michael/Apollo ley line, with its powerful energy that promotes healing and transformational experience, runs through Casa Lucia’s specially created garden Labyrinth, making it ideal for residential retreats.

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Meet  Your  Teachers

Photo of Avril McKenzie practicing yoga

Avril McKenzie

Avril McKenzie, who has over 40 years of experience teaching yoga in Greece, UK, Serbia and other countries, is one of the privileged few to have learnt Kaya Kalpa yoga in 1978 from its creator Swami Dev Murti in India. He lived to be 108, and Avril, now in her 70th year, is a perfect example of how Kaya Kalpa can revitalise and rejuvenate our bodies through easy to learn yoga asanas, pranayama and dietary suggestions. You will leave this weekend retreat feeling energised and younger. You’ll also take home practical tools to maintain your anti-ageing journey. Kaya Kalpa translates as ‘Timeless Body’ and enables you to reprogramme your cells and turn back time.

Photo of Eleanor McKenzie

Eleanor McKenzie

Eleanor McKenzie has been practising energy healing for over 30 years and is the author of best-selling books on Reiki, as well as other modes of energy healing, and has taken audiences through guided meditations at London’s Mind, Body, Spirit festival. At this retreat she will teach you the importance of grounding yourself, how to explore your etheric energy body, and how to remove fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking your ability to live your best life. She will also teach guided meditations where you can explore your soul’s purpose and align with it to live a life that puts happiness at the centre.

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Casa Lucia swimming pool

The Retreat

Casa Lucia is a lovingly restored olive press situated in the centre of Corfu, with 6 cottages and 2 studios to accommodate guests. Daily maid service is provided. It has a swimming pool set in beautiful gardens, and easy access to the Lucciola Garden restaurant which serves Greek and Mediterranean food. 

Casa Lucia cottage

The Accommodation

Attendees will need to share accommodation. Anyone booking who is coming with a friend or friends, please let us know so that we can ensure you stay together.  Attendees will have to make their own travel arrangements to Corfu.


To see the accommodation and everything about Casa Lucia, please study all the information by clicking on learn more below.

Casa Lucia retreat
Casa Lucia Holiday House

When? How Much?

Friday 29th September to Monday 2nd October.


Price: 425

(includes accommodation & breakfast)

Full payment required on booking..


Payment by PayPal or bank transfer in Euros or pounds sterling. Email for details.


Book now to avoid disappointment.

Only 16 residential places are available for this exclusive opportunity.

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For best results from our transformational retreat, it is advisable to only eat fresh fruit and vegetables over the weekend, and if possible reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, wheat, meat & dairy products for a few days before.

Please advise us of any special dietary requirements when you book, so these can be catered for.

Taxis are available from Corfu airport (€35 to Casa Lucia) or you can arrange car hire.

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