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Absent healing, also known as distance healing or remote healing, is a form of healing that aims to provide therapeutic benefits to individuals who are not physically present with an energy healer. It is based on healing energy transcending a physical distance to bring on a positive effect on a person's wellbeing, even if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the energy healer.


In absent healing, the energy healer focuses their intention and energy towards the person in need of healing, regardless of their location. Healing energy is channelled towards the recipient. The healing energy works on an energetic level, promoting balance, relaxation, and the body's natural healing processes.

The ability to send energy healing to people who are anywhere in the world is not confined to Reiki: spiritual healers from other traditions also use ‘distance’ or ‘absent’ healing. Often in other methods the healer works alongside healers and physicians from the spirit world, and I too work with them in my distance healing sessions.

In my experience, most people seek healing when they have already developed symptoms. That is very much a conditioned human response. After all, we only visit the doctor when we have something for them to diagnose. But regular absent healing sessions can work as a preventive measure against disease. Just as you might carefully watch what you eat and take exercise to keep your physical body healthy, energy healing works to keep your energy body, and thus your physical body, in the best condition possible.


All you need to do to experience the wonder of energy healing is book 3 or 6 sessions, find somewhere relaxing to lie down, somewhere you won’t be disturbed, while I channel the energy.

My clients have had many successful outcomes through distance healing, with often surprising solutions to problems they face coming to them apparently spontaneously as a result of the sessions – what we call ‘lightbulb moments’.


Please read more about absent healing and my story on my blog.

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