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what is reiki?

Reiki for Natural Healing

Everything in existence is formed with energy and Reiki means Universal Energy. We all have an energy body that is interwoven with our physical body – we just can’t see it, because it vibrates at such a high rate that it is invisible. Our energy body affects the functioning of the physical, so if there are imbalances in it, those manifest as issues in our body and/or mind. Reiki, in which the healer channels universal energy into the recipient, is one of the most effective, non-intrusive ways of returning the energy body to balance, thus alleviating the physical or emotional symptoms you are experiencing.


Reiki can be safely used as part of the healing process for any condition, and if you’re receiving medical treatment, it complements it. For example, it can alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. It is also excellent for pre and post- operative care, where it can strengthen the patient before surgery, and accelerate healing after.


More commonly, people come because they are struggling with the mental and physical symptoms of stress in their lives. As we know, these can manifest as anxiety, depression and a feeling of being blocked, or as migraines, insomnia, skin problems and addictions. There are many other ways as well.

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