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Invest in you

You are your life. You create the life experiences that you have, so it makes sense to keep all the elements involved – that’s Mind, Body and Spirit – in optimum condition. There are many ways to do this, and energy healing is one of the most time-efficient ways of improving all three at the same time. Especially as, with distant healing, you don’t even need to leave your home.

As you’ve maybe noticed, if you’ve looked around my website, I offer packages of 15-minute, and 30-minute sessions, in groups of three and six. Why do I do that? The answer lies in the origins of Reiki.

Why do you need 3 or 6 sessions?

When Mikao Usui first presented Reiki in Japan, he said that the results would be improved if the person received three consecutive treatments. The reason for this, and this is from my personal experience, is that the first session is quite intense, but it’s only repairing the surface, so to speak, but it isn’t reaching the underlying issue. More sessions are required for the energy to find its way intuitively to the underlying cause. I recommend six sessions if you want to see significant change, particularly with anxiety, stress and emotion-based symptoms.

An alternative is a single, monthly session

A few weeks back a potential client contacted me and asked if she could have a single monthly session for 35-40 minutes. She is someone who has been using monthly sessions of distant healing for some time. Of course, I said yes, this would be perfectly possible.

Following her initial session with me, she has now signed up for a session every month.

Invest in you every month

At a cost of 35€ per month, you can keep your energy bodies and energy centres, which influence body and mind, more balanced and at a higher vibration. You’ll feel that you have more physical energy, and in a happier state of mind, and by investing in regular sessions for you, you are also showing a commitment to yourself – it’s a way of showing self-love.

Give yourself a monthly gift of a distant healing session and discover the positive difference it makes to you and your everyday experiences.

Got a question about distant energy healing?

If you have questions about distant energy healing, whatever they are, you can contact me via the Contact Me form at the bottom of my website home page or email me at


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