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“It can truly be said that Absent Healing will become the most potent healing factor for the future.”

Harry Edwards, Spiritual Healer

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I have been an energy healer for over 30 years, and the author of several books on alternative therapies, including ‘Healing Reiki’ and ‘The Reiki Bible’. I have also studied Chakra Psychology with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, founder of the Chakra Institute, and Psychic Development with internationally renowned psychic intuitive/medium Alison Kynaston-Jones, as well as the College of Psychic Studies, and tarot reading with Linda Rauch and Julian Jenkins.


One thing I have learnt on my journey is that ‘distant’ or ‘absent’ healing is, more often than not, more powerful than in-person treatments. I am not alone in believing this. Also, during my ‘absent healing’ sessions, I work with a team of Spirit Healers who bring the divine light of the spiritual realm to each treatment, and their assistance intensifies the healing energy you receive.


The simplicity of energy healing is truly elegant. Its power is awe-inspiring, especially when used for distant healing, or ‘absent’ healing, as the great British spiritual healer, Harry Edwards, called it. Whether you are in the same country as me, or 10,000 miles away, transformational energy healing is available to you.

 I provide absent healing sessions and tarot readings. I am here to help. Reach out to me and let’s get started on your journey of self discovery and healing.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Looking for help with anxiety, stress or depression? Feeling low of energy? Is everything getting too much?


With 30 years of experience successfully sending healing energy, I can offer a distance healing service to you. I am able to direct healing energy to support emotional healing, stress reduction, alleviate anxiety or depression and promote a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

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Are you suffering from physical pain?

Suffer no more. I will send powerful healing energy to address physical ailments or imbalances in the body, with the intention of promoting healing and restoring health. Providing a worldwide absent healing service. Whether you are in the same country as me, or 10,000 miles away, transformational distant healing is available to you. 

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Providing energetic support to individuals who are going through challenging situations, such as illness, surgery or emotional distress, even if you are physically distant.


I will channel distance healing energy to you wherever you are in the world. I have helped many people in your situation, you are not alone. Let me help you today and change your life for the better and reach your goals.

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A Woman Absent Energy Healing During Sunset At The Beach
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Healing energy support
30 minute sessions

3 Sessions Package


6 Sessions Package



A Woman Absent Energy Healing During Sunset At The Beach
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Improve your life today
15 minute sessions

3 Sessions Package


6 Sessions Package



A map of the world, we provide absent healing and tarot reading services worldwide
Tarot Cards

Now taking online Tarot card reading bookings. Tarot cards are an ancient system through which your subconscious – and the spirit realm, assisted by my Tarot Guides, – can speak to you and reveal what is going on in your life right now. Yes, the cards can indicate what your future might look like, but one of the great blessings of the cards is that they also show you ways to change that ‘future’ if it isn’t to your liking.



Tarot Eye
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Money & Goal Building

Provides insights and perspectives on your current financial situation and helps you identify potential opportunities or challenges. The specific cards drawn and their interpretations can shed light on various aspects, such as your attitudes towards money, belief systems, patterns of behaviour and potential future outcomes.


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Love &

This card reading will explore various aspects of your relationships, emotional dynamics and potential outcomes. Different cards and their interpretations can shed light on the energies and influences at play, as well as provide guidance on navigating romantic situations.



Working in the office


A tarot card reading focused on work and career, different cards and their interpretations can provide guidance and shed light on the energies and influences surrounding your professional life. The cards can offer insights into your current work situation, potential future outcomes, professional growth, challenges, opportunities or areas that may require your attention or adjustment. 


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A pile of tarot cards and crystals

Personal Growth

When using tarot cards for personal growth, different cards and their interpretations can offer valuable insights and reflections on various aspects of your life journey. The cards can provide guidance on self-awareness, self-acceptance and the exploration of inner strengths and weaknesses. It can help you to gain clarity, explore your inner self and identify areas for growth and transformation.



Tarot cards on a purple tablecloth

Self Discovery

The tarot cards selected can reveal patterns, obstacles, opportunities, and potential paths for growth and transformation in your life. The cards can also can prompt you to reflect on your values, passions, dreams and areas of personal development.

Through a self-discovery tarot reading, you can gain new perspectives, uncover hidden potentials and deepen your understanding of yourself. It can serve as a catalyst for self-reflection, introspection and your personal growth.



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General Reading

This can provide valuable insights into your current situation, challenges, strengths, and opportunities. It may reveal patterns, themes, or underlying influences that are impacting your life.


The reading can offer guidance and suggestions for navigating the present moment and making choices aligned with your highest good. It can be a helpful tool for gaining clarity, broad perspective, and a sense of guidance in various areas of your life.



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Image of Corfu, Greece

Soul Purpose Retreat

Do you know what your unique soul purpose is? Or that when you live from your Soul Purpose, you will experience better health, greater joy in life, and an alignment with the Divine that will guide you to making your best life choices.


Join our exclusive 3 day retreat at Casa Lucia featuring: 
Soul Purpose Exploration with Eleanor McKenzie
Jivan Tattva and Kaya Kalpa yoga with Avril McKenzie
Sound Baths with Anika Petrovic
Devini Ayurvedic Anti-ageing Massage with Monja Svec

Casa Lucia is located on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. The St. Michael/Apollo ley line, with its powerful energy that promotes healing and transformational experience, runs through Casa Lucia’s specially created garden Labyrinth, making it ideal for residential retreats.

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Book soon to avoid disappointment

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"I came to Eleanor at a difficult time in my life. I struggled with stress and I was finding it hard to make decisions. I found it hard to relax, and my sleep suffered too. I noticed a shift after my 1st healing. The Reiki treatment exceeded my expectations. It was a profound experience. Gentle and reaffirming. I learned about where I carry my emotions and stress and where I am unbalanced, and that I need to work on clearing these blockages. Eleanor is extremely gifted I felt thoroughly ‘lighter’ after our session and I had a sense of direction to help heal the ‘demons’ from my past. She’s a keeper!"

Sheena, Manchester UK

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"The other day I had a wonderful reading with Eleanor. I was blown away by her accuracy. Eleanor picked up straight away on issues surrounding my work, these issues have been bothering me for some time.  She rightly pointed out that there is deception going on at work and people not to be trusted that was totally spot on and confirmed what I suspected.

Eleanor is a fantastic medium: on two occasions she brought messages from my grandparents and accurately described what they looked like and what they used to do. It was comforting to hear what they had to say to me.  They told me things that she couldn´t have known.

Eleanor also talked about energies coming in for me in the near future, the possibility of a new job or pursuing a long-held dream. She couldn´t have possibly known these things as they are in my mind. Her advice and guidance resonated with me on every level.

I found Eleanor´s readings to be comforting, uplifting and encouraging.  Five stars out of five from me!"

Marion, Almeria, Spain

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