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absent healing

An absent healing session lasts 15 or 30 minutes. You choose.


We agree a time according to your time zone.

You send me a brief outline of what you need healed, whether it is a physical illness, or a mental/emotional condition.

After the session, I will send you a message about what I have seen and felt during the healing, and any advice that comes through from the Spirit Healers.

I offer packages of either 3 or 6 sessions, as single sessions are less effective in my experience.


Healing energy support
30 minute sessions

3 Sessions Package

6 Sessions Package


Improve your life
15 minute sessions

3 Sessions Package


6 Sessions Package


PROVIDING healing energy WORLDWIDe 

Map of the world, I provide services worldwide.

Tarot Card Reading SERVICES

Tarot cards are an ancient system through which your subconscious – and the spirit realm, assisted by my Tarot Guides, – can speak to you and reveal what is going on in your life right now. Yes, the cards can indicate what your future might look like, but one of the great blessings of the cards is that they also show you ways to change that ‘future’ if it isn’t to your liking.

Online tarot readings give you the same information as an in-person reading, and because I either write them down, or voice record them, as well as receive an image of the cards pulled for your reading, so you can keep going back to your reading as often as you wish.

Booking an online tarot reading


  1. Choose the spread from my packages that is relevant to your question

  2. Choose a number between 2 and 30 – this is the number of times I will shuffle the cards

  3. Briefly outline what you want to know.


You will receive by email:

  1. An image of the cards I pulled for your spread

  2. My reading of the cards, explained with reference to the card images

  3. It will arrive with you within 7 days. If for some reason, such as illness, it takes me longer, I will let you know.



Money & Goal Building

Covers your relationship with money, any limitations/blocks and how to boost your money goals.


Love & Romance

What you can expect in the future for both new & established relationships, and where blocks/issues exist.



Need to make a decision about work, or where your career is headed? This spread is ideal for all work-related queries.


Personal Growth

The perfect spread for understand where you are right now in your life, past & present influences, challenges, and what you need to be the best version of you.


Self Discovery

A lovely, to the point reading that describes you at this moment in your life, the changes that are coming your way, what you can bring to the world, and your soul purpose.


General Reading

When you’re not sure exactly what your question is, or which category it belongs to, a general reading will give you a helpful overview of your life right now, any challenges, external influences and what is about to come into your life.



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