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Distant Energy Healing Experiences

Let me start by saying that everyone has slightly different experiences during healing sessions. Indeed, it’s likely that none of the sessions you book will feel exactly alike. Each session is different for me as well, and that’s because your healing needs change and evolve with each session. It’s also because you are a unique expression of the energy from which we are all formed.

Each of us has an etheric energy body that is a double of our physical body. It vibrates so fast you can’t see it, but with practise you can feel it. Your energy body (and you have others, but I’ll explain those in another post) influences your physical body and when it is not running smoothly, eventually you experience physical symptoms. It’s a trickle down effect. Energy healing aims to rebalance your etheric energy body and thus heal the physical symptoms.

Do you have some doubts about distant healing?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’ll feel anything at all. You may have doubts about how anyone can work with your energy body when they’re not in the same room as you, never mind possibly not even in the same country. These are legitimate questions or concerns.

How distant healing cured my chickenpox

In answer to the second doubt, I can say that even I doubted I could do it until I actually did it. Receiving a distant healing myself from a healer in India when I was in London then reinforced my belief in it. I had caught chickenpox as an adult, and after a couple of weeks of struggling with it and treating myself with Reiki, which did at least stop me having the classic itchy rash, I thought ‘why not!’ when the kind offer of distant healing came from Mumbai. Three sessions later and it was as if I’d never been ill at all. What did I feel? In this case I felt as if my kidneys were on fire during the sessions, which were only 15 to 30 minutes long. I interpreted that as the virus being burnt out of my system. At the end of the third one, I felt as if something big had lifted from me, and I literally leapt up, as I had no symptoms left at all. I felt great. And that convinced me that distant healing really did work. You can read the testimonials from people I’ve treated recently at

How do I do distant healing?

I first learnt the traditional Usui Reiki method of doing distant healing. In my case, I started by working with a photograph of the person who needed the healing. I still ask for a photograph if I don’t know the person. Directing me to your Facebook or Instagram account is absolutely fine. When I started doing distant healing, they didn’t exist – Google didn’t even exist – so I needed a physical photo, and it had to be of the person on their own. Let me explain why.

A friend in America wanted some healing and sent me a photograph of him with his son. I started to tune into his image in the photo, but what I was picking up didn’t seem to me to resonate with what I knew about him, or his symptoms. What I was picking up was his son’s energy, and that did resonate with what I knew about the boy. It was a lesson I’m glad I learnt early on.

Here’s how I organise distant healing sessions:

· We agree a time when you can lie down and not be disturbed. You may have to remind others in your home not to disturb you during this time.

· You send me a photo or link to a photo on your social media.

· You turn your phone off during the session.

· I check in with you on Whatsapp to make sure you’re ready.

· If you want, you can play soft music, light candles, burn incense if that helps to create a healing ambiance for you.

· After each session, I will send you a message by Whatsapp (or email) about any insights that cam up about what might be causing your symptoms.

What you experience during a distant healing session

As I said at the beginning, experiences vary, but the majority of people feel a deep sense of relaxation. Some people go to sleep and only wake up long after the session has ended. You may feel heat or cold in different parts of your body, see colours, or glimpse apparently random events from your past. But overall, as with hypnotherapy or guided meditations, you’ll feel deeply relaxed and comfortable.

There are people for whom relaxation does not come easily. I have worked with a few. Eventually, relaxation does come, sometimes quicker than they expect.

Why do you need 3 or 6 sessions?

When Mikao Usui first presented Reiki in Japan, he said that the results would be improved if the person received three consecutive treatments. The reason for this, and this is from my personal experience, is that the first session is quite intense, but it’s only repairing the surface, so to speak, but it isn’t reaching the underlying issue. More sessions are required for the energy to find its way intuitively to the underlying cause. I recommend six sessions if you want to see significant change, particularly with anxiety, stress and emotion-based symptoms. And, following up with three 15-minute sessions repeated monthly is an ideal way to stay balanced.

Got a question about distant energy healing?

If you have questions about distant energy healing, whatever they are, you can contact me via the Contact Me form at the bottom of my website home page or email me at


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