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The Way to Be:Thoughts as things

OK, thoughts are things and a ‘thing’ has form and energy. I’m writing my thoughts down right now and that gives them form (words) and energy (impact on the reader).

I visualise the Universe as multi-dimensional and unlimited piece of bubble wrap – that wonderful packing material that everyone loves to pop. Except the bubbles I see are little sacs of pulsating energy. These little sacs give birth to thoughts. I see the bubble stretching and moving like the membrane surrounding an unborn child and then the bubble pops and a thought is born that has an action in the world.

Now that thought is in the world and making things happen. The energy that moves the thought is the energy of the Universe and its nature is such that it wants to help you experience your thoughts in some way. To experience a thought it has to become a thing – and the Universe is very good at making that happen.

Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t ‘filter’ your thoughts for you and protect you from creating experiences you’d rather not have. It can’t – because you had the thought and so, the experience of it is coming your way.

You may be thinking now, hey, I didn’t choose to be jobless, penniless, addicted or whatever is in your experience right now that is unpleasant. But, the point is, you did. And right on the heels of that statement I’d like to say – don’t blame yourself. There are millions of reasons we create thoughts that don’t serve us. Some may appear as experience quickly, while others may take longer to appear. The Universe doesn’t use a clock – only humans work/live to a timetable.

Thoughts that don’t serve you

When you’re experiencing life in a painful way there are two things you can do:

1. Explore what it can teach you

2. Zap the thinking that brought that experience about

Once you have learnt something from a painful experience, you don’t need it anymore. Now you can identify what thoughts brought that ‘thing’ into your life. You’ll probably find a ton of beliefs hiding behind the thought – they might be other people’s beliefs, especially from your parents or teachers, or they may be learned from your peer group. Most of our beliefs about ourselves come from other people.

How can you zap a thought?

You zap it with another thought, a better one that transforms your experience.

You can’t exactly kill a thought because it’s formed from Universal energy and that never dies, but it can be transformed into another ‘thing’. That’s what you’re going to do. Transforming thoughts is your personal power and your way of creating more pleasing life experiences for yourself.

Until next time...

Be Kind, Be Love


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