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The Way to Be: Please reboot your thoughts

By Eleanor McKenzie

In my previous blog about The Way to Be (TWTB) I said that we’d look at how the way you think affects your life, and how to change that. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do now.

Thoughts are what create your world.

Think not? Honestly, you’ll be shocked after you’ve worked with ‘thoughts’ for a while and realise how you are constantly creating your everyday experiences through your own mind power.

Reclaim your power

Gurus and teachers from all paths have known this for thousands of years, but it’s not a message that has been widely publicised. Why? Two reasons come to mind: in the West, religion and governments like to control thought, so anything that takes power from them and transfers it to you is dangerous.

The second reason is that it opposes orthodox scientific views about how the mind works and the nature of the Universe. A lot of this came from the Enlightenment or Age of Reason (1650 – 1800), which is when Science started to topple Religion from its position of power. Still, if you thought that Science might be more open-minded than Religion, the idea that you can create your own world poses a problem for both these institutions: for Science it is too ‘magical’ and difficult to find that all important proof, while for Religion it sounds very much like a challenge to the idea of God’s Will.

When you consider the impact that this knowledge gives everyone of us, you’ll understand why ‘they’ don’t teach you this stuff at school. You’d have way too much control over your own life. So, you’ll find that most conservative thinkers claim that this kind of idea is a load of baloney peddled by old hippies and scam artists who want to sell you some new version of snake oil.

The obsession with proof

There’s no proof they shout. Unfortunately we live in a society that is desperate for proof because modern science tells us it is essential. Sometimes it is, that’s true and I wouldn’t argue with that. But, then Science applies it to everything and dismisses anything that can’t be proved as ‘not true’ – alternative therapies are a good example of Science’s hold over the truth. They are dismissed as bunkum by the majority of the scientific community because they aren’t sufficiently researched under the conditions that science dictates are needed for verifiable results, and the benefits many people get from them are either ‘all in the mind’ (hmmm, that would be a thought then) or a completely random event with no cause.

It is important that we grasp just how much ‘rational’ science dominates our thinking and therefore our approach to living. We have to be able to see how our thinking is being manipulated before we can disrupt that source to build a more authentic life.

Science tells us that proof must be established before you can do or try something. That’s bullshit because you can establish your own proof by taking action and establishing your own proofs – and beliefs. I’ll come to Beliefs in another section and tell you now that when you combine Beliefs with Thoughts you have a very potent cocktail that can explode everything you ever thought was true.

It isn’t a competition

I’ll be honest here – I can’t ‘prove’ to you that working on your thoughts and beliefs will change your life, but what I can do is help you have the opportunity to prove it to yourself. Along the way I’ll share some stories about my personal experiences and those of others, but I’m going to say this very important thing to you now – whatever you read, don’t measure your experience against anyone else’s. Never COMPARE because it only makes you doubt your own experience, which is authentically yours.

I know this because I’ve been there. It’s the way we’re taught and raised. Am I doing the exercise as well as that person? Immediately, there’s a feeling of failure. And with that thought we have set ourselves up to fail. Overcoming this constant comparison with people we think are doing better than us is a hard one to get over, but all I can say is, just plug away at it at your own pace, and see the results.

Remember: You are enough just as you are, and the journey we are on is more important than the destination.

Until next time…

Be Kind, Be Love


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