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The True I and The I That Loves Me

Somewhere in the core of you there is the True I. The ‘I’ that is eternal. Call it soul or spirit. This is the powerhouse of your Being. The ‘I’ you identify with as being you is more like a role you have adopted for this lifetime. It will end when you have done with exploring life in this character and it’s time for a change of scene. But the True I never changes and it never ceases to exist.

It is the source and the origin of your ability to create your story in every role you take on. Tap into its pure and powerful energy through meditation and you will feel that power to create, and to change the things in your life that bring unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

The True I is neutral: it is the freedom to create as you wish. But, we have trouble aligning with it.

When it comes to creating our lives, we follow two conflicting routes: The I that Loves Me and the I that Hates Me. When you are struggling and unhappy you have chosen to align with activities and choices that work against you feeling happy and at peace in the world. And when you choose the I that Loves Me, you are choosing to be happy. You adopt a mode of being that knows you have power – and that doesn’t mean being powerful in the worldly sense. It is a moment of acceptance and realisation that what you are experiencing has been created by you, and that you have the ability to change it.

Find that source within you and you will know inner peace. How do you get there? By making a decision to find it and exploring the many, many roads that lead to it.


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