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I started out this morning to write a blog about what I experience during a distant healing session. However, as I opened a new Word doc, a file already opened popped up with the text that follows. I wrote it some time ago, and I've never published it before. Today felt like the right time to do that, because while we are saddened by the death of a unique artist, we can also be comforted by knowing that while Sinéad’s body may have died, her soul lives on. None of us ever die, we are eternal.

When I think of the soul, I imagine that each one is a tiny filament of light. These lights illuminate the darkness, whether we are in or out of body. By ‘out of body’ I mean when we are between lives on Earth.

I imagine groups of these little lights are drawn to one another, forming a kind of constellation. Your family, your friends, your lovers and those we see as ‘enemies’ make up a constellation that constantly changes shape as the interactions between each soul unfold to make a story.

I think of it as being like a play. You start your life cast in the role of baby. Did you choose your parents? Some believe we do, and we choose them in order to learn ‘soul lessons’. Parents are both a help and a challenge to personal growth, to greater and lesser degrees. Parents bring their own issues that they pass on; beliefs, emotional strengths and weaknesses, spiritual insights etc

You develop your soul role through your connections to other souls in the constellation. And then one day you’ve had enough of this particular role; perhaps you’ve done everything you can with it, or perhaps you had made an agreement that you were only in the role for a short time anyway. So you leave and walk on to another stage. People from your constellation will already be there, welcoming and helping you to return to a life in spirit.

And perhaps, if we looked at time in another way, as past, present and future all happening at once, you’d realise that every life role you’ve had exists at the same time. Only Space and Time on Earth keep you from that experience.

Sometimes the constellations touch each other and there’s some cross-fertilisation – just to freshen things up.

I’m just imagining all this and the infinitely choreographed dance of tiny filaments of light creating a world of stories.


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