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How Distance Healing Works

I love working with distant or absent healing, but I’m aware that for some people it’s a challenge to wrap their heads around it. How can I, living in Estepona, Spain, provide an energy healing session to someone thousands of miles away? Surely it can’t be as effective as an in-person treatment with me? My answer is quite simply that it can, and that it is often more effective than seeing me in person.


I’ll admit that when I first started working with energy healing in the form of Reiki, I was dubious about distant healing. Even I couldn’t quite believe it would work. So, I experimented with a friend. After the session, I told my friend that I could ‘see’ them and feel how they were feeling. I said, “but I still don’t get the ‘how’ of it.” He replied, “Yes, you do. You know we’re all energetically connected.”


Quantum physics & a field of energy

Physicists have an explanation. It’s called Quantum Entanglement, which Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” I think some of my distant healing clients might agree, it can appear to be ‘spooky’ or ‘uncanny’. The scientific explanation, such as David Bohm’s theory of quantum interconnectedness, suggests “that disparate subatomic particles and waves work in tandem regardless of distance and time and are part of an integrated whole.” To put this more simply, distance healing works because we are all connected through a common network or field of energy.



There are various names for this energy field, including chi or ki, prana or universal energy. Energy healers tap into this field, which permeates and surrounds the body, using focus, awareness and intention to heal. Intention is, for me anyway, a critical part of the healing process, whether I am working with a client in person, or at a distance.


Convinced by a distant healing experience


However, I became convinced after contracting chickenpox as an adult. At the time, I was in the midst of organising a workshop in London for a Reiki Master from Mumbai. He called to ask how things were going. I had to confess that I hadn’t got very far because of the infection. I had been treating myself with energy healing every day, which stopped the rash from spreading, and I had no itching, but I felt too weak to do much. He said he would send me a distance healing for the next three nights and hoped that would help.


On the first night I suddenly started to experience the most excruciating burning pain in my kidneys. The second and third nights were the same, but when I woke up on the morning of the fourth day, all my symptoms had disappeared. Compared with the experience of other adults, I only had chickenpox for two weeks, and it was undoubtedly the distance healing that made the difference.


How I do distance healing


Sometimes I like to use a photograph as a tool of connection, especially if I haven’t met the person requiring healing. But over time, I have found that I don’t need an aid like that as much anymore, although I might take a look at a client’s social media photos.


More importantly, I meditate first. I use a grounding technique, and then I open my chakras. I also use mediumship to request assistance from healers in spirit. Sometimes deceased members of the client’s family turn up with a message, or an insight into the issue. Other times doctors and dentists unrelated to the person  make an appearance. Recently I was doing a distance healing with a client in UK who had a tooth abscess when a Welsh dentist turned up during the session and gave me a very blunt opinion on the quality of the NHS dental work my client had received. Given the news reports on the state of NHS dentistry in the UK, it seemed to me that he had made a very fair assessment.


The connection that I then form with the client, whether they are a mile or a thousand miles away, allows me to work my way around their body, visualising it in front of me. I feel where the healing is needed: either as a physical sensation in my own body, or as a message, as in, the information is given to me as an idea, you might say. When the session is finished, any physical sensation I’m having immediately leave.  I then communicate with the client about what I have felt or seen.


My conviction that distance healing is as effective as an in-person one grows stronger with each client I treat. I completely agree with Harry Edwards, one of Britain’s greatest spiritual healers, who said:

“It can truly be said that Absent Healing will become the most potent healing factor for the future.”


Healing in the comfort of your home

Wherever you are, you can always receive healing in the comfort of your home, which is especially valuable if you are feeling too unwell to go out to see a healer. 

It is also less expensive. Distant healing sessions take less time; in some cases 15 minutes can produce a dramatic result, and a 30-40 minute session is typically the longest required.  


Try it and discover the power and efficacy of distant healing for yourself. 


Book a distant healing session!






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