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Distance healing

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Energy Orb

By Eleanor McKenzie

“It can truly be said that Absent Healing will become the most potent healing factor for the future.”

This is the opening sentence of Harry Edwards’ book, ‘A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing ‘. I fully agree with this. Harry Edwards was one of the greatest spiritual healers of the 20th century.

For some, it seems unbelievable that this form of healing can be as effective as an in person session, but over the 30 years I have been practising, I have seen it work just as effectively, and often it is even stronger. I can give you an example from a distance healing I received from a Reiki teacher in India while I was living in London.

I caught chickenpox as an adult from my son, which is much worse than if you have it as a child. Self-treating with Reiki several times a day prevented the typical rash and itching, but I couldn’t do any work, and I had a workshop to organise for a healer from India. He called to see how it was going, and I explained that I had been unable to do anything because of the chickenpox. He told me he would use distance healing for three days. The following morning, I woke with a burning sensation in my kidneys. The next morning this sensation was even more intense, but on the third morning, I woke up feeling as if I had never had the viral infection. In fact, I felt fantastic and full of energy. It certainly changed my thinking from ‘believing’ it worked to ‘knowing’ it does.


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